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NEWS | 24 JAN, 2020

FITLIGHT® “Hat Trick By Amanda Nanasy

NEWS | 11 JUL, 2019


NEWS | 20 NOV, 2018

The Power of “Thinking”

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Video Contest Winner – Chris Gorres

Congratulations to the winner of our Video Contest: Chris Gorres Chris Gorres is a performance coach who will maximize your potential through personalized training programs designed to meet your individual needs and goals. He specializes in: ACL and concussion...

FITLIGHT® “Hat Trick By Amanda Nanasy

There are a few sports whose athletes need little convincing about the importance vision plays on their performance.  Baseball is one of those sports.  Ice Hockey is the other.  Hockey is a sport that relies heavily on every visual skill I can possibly enhance and...

How Fitlight can help you to maintain attention and focus capacity.

One of the greatest feelings I can have is the feeling of going to bed knowing I put my heart and soul into my work during the day. Knowing that I executed on every goal with my utmost honest attention and focus. When I was a triathlete training 40+ hours a week, my...

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