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We subject our test driver to the same physical aptitude tests that are conducted on Ferrari F1 drivers. So, what did we find out?

Maranello is always Maranello. It’s literally impossible not to get emotional when crossing ‘that’ gate. Moreover, the experience in store for me was not the sort that comes by every day. My mission was to measure myself against a certain Fernando Alonso – you may have heard of him. But there was no track or timing equipment. Instead, Ferrari had made its entire medical staff available to me to run the same physical aptitude tests that are performed on all its drivers. We started with the Med-Ex – a structure that was born with the goal of improving Scuderia Ferrari’s performance, but which, in practice, is used by all of Ferrari’s employees who, once a year, undergo a series of free exams. In the clinic I’m greeted by Fred Fernando and Dr. Alessandro Biffi, who dutifully explain to me the details of the tests that await me over the next few hours. We begin immediately with a series of specialist visits (opthalmologist, otolaryngologist, dentist, and ultrasonologist) to check for any general health issues. As I do the usual cycling, fatigue starts to kick in while the electrocardiogram gets monitored under stress.

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