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Can the FITLIGHT ® system be used outdoors?

The system is designed to be used outdoors and indoors and for all seasons.

Is the FITLIGHT ® systems water resistant?

We have two options of water resistant and non-water resistant FITLIGHTS®. Our original patented design allows the FITLIGHTS® to be used in the pool or snow and heavy rainfall. 

What is the operating life of the FITLIGHTS® before recharging is required?

The batteries have a minimum 4 hour operating life before they are required to be recharged

What is the operating range of the FITLIGHT® System?

The FITLIGHTS® can transmit data from up to 50 metres away from the Tablet Controller (depending on operating environment).

Can the FITLIGHT® System be operated with different groups using the same controller?

Yes, the FITLIGHTS® can be operated with a maximum of 4 groups simultaneously, using the same routine. The data from each group is also recorded independently.

Is the FITLIGHT® System portable?

Yes, with the system being light weight, you are able to carry it where you need to be.

Can the FITLIGHTS® be permanently mounted to a wall?

Yes, we have various ways of mounting the FITLIGHTS® on a variety of surfaces.

Can additional FITLIGHTS ® be ordered?

Yes. The FITLIGHT Jr™ is expandable to 12 FITLIGHTS® and the Trainer to 32 FITLIGHTS®. Each Tablet Controller can program up to 32 FITLIGHTS®. 

What is the warranty period for the FITLIGHT Trainer™ system?

1 Year from the date of receipt.