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Steph Curry doesn’t drain pregame half court shots by accident, he trains like crazy. A techie himself,  Curry has been linked to multiple training tools that he uses regularly. He’s backed virtual reality, tested out sensory deprivation tanks and focuses on training his hand-eye coordination through FITLIGHT.

FITLIGHT trains reaction time and improves function between the eyes and brain. It’s a series of palm-sized discs that are either placed on poles, a wall or the floor.

In Curry’s case, it helps with sensory overload when he’s on the court. He’ll practice with discs positioned around the floor. Each one lights up a different color meaning Curry has to make a decision based on what he sees.

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Snapchat recently teamed with Under Armour to create a game allowing fans to ‘train like Curry.’ It uses the FITLIGHT system where users are prompted to tap lights in the order which they go off.

Under Armour took a really cool approach,” said Snapchat’s Global Head of Creative Strategy, Jeff Miller, to Advertising Week. “They wanted to replicate what it was like to be Steph Curry doing his training drills. So rather than going to the gym, the intent of this drill is to replicate reaction speed.”



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