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NEWS | 9 SEPT, 2020

The Brain Train; UFC And NBA Athletes Use Cognitive Training To Reach New Heights

NEWS | 9 SEPT, 2020

The Most High-Tech Workout Tools to Hack Your Brain for Greater Gains

NEWS | 9 JUL, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Reaction Training

NEWS | 27 MAR, 2019

How FITLIGHT® Is Used to Increase Game Day Performance By Optimizing the Brain

NEWS | 20 NOV, 2018

The Power of “Thinking”

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How Reaction Training Lights Work

Have you seen the videos with famous athletes and sports teams training with flashing lights? If you have, you are seeing a revolutionary new product by FitLight Training™ that helps improve speed with reaction lights. How do reaction training lights work? Reaction...

FITLIGHT® QB Drill Guide By Amanda Nanasy

  After watching what has widely been panned as an uninspiring kick-off to College football, I thought it would be a great time to review a few FITLIGHT® drills that could help football players get game ready and possibly avoid some embarrassing mistakes.  For...

The Power of “Thinking”

True Power Power is often confused with strength.  This means whenever someone demonstrates how heavy they can lift, they are then deemed powerful.  However, that is not power at all and a brief physics lesson can easily explain it. The physics definition of...

How To Measure and Improve Reaction And Response Times

Reaction time--commonly interchanged with the term response time--describes the amount of time that occurs between when we perceive something and when we respond to it. Response and reaction time is the ability to detect a stimulus, process it, and then give the...

FITLIGHT Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Imagine if you could go back in time and change a mistake you made in the past.  It would probably be beneficial to your life and put you in a better position than you are today!  Unfortunately, we live in a place called reality and there is no way to change...