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Customized Solutions

Engaging. Unique. Memorable.


FITLIGHT® has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to create engaging, unique and memorable branding experiences. We work with these brands to create custom experiential pieces using state-of-the-art technologies, which includes our industry-leading proximity and impact sensing LED lights. With our ability to develop custom training interfaces, we continuously deliver powerful and meaningful brand experiences.

FITLIGHT® + Gatorade

FITLIGHT® worked with Gatorade at South by Southwest to create a customized station for an interactive brand experience called the “RE/ ACT Attack”, where users could battle against each other to achieve the fastest reaction time score.  

FITLIGHTS® were wrapped in Gatorade colours and mounted on a wall with a highly engaging custom design and the high scores were entered into a custom leaderboard, which was available for users to view for the duration of the activation.

FITLIGHT® + Adidas

This activation was created with Adidas to promote the launch of the new Adidas Alphabet Shoe in New York City.

FITLIGHT® + Ferrari

FITLIGHT® worked with Ferrari to help enhance their cutting-edge single seat driver simulator, a simulator designed to training real drivers on professional circuits.

FITLIGHT® panels were placed inside Ferrari’s driver simulation areas. These panels were then used to warm up reflexes and test reactivity prior to using the simulator.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ Panel Series


All panels come equipped with applicable hardware for fixed wall mounting (with or without height adjustment) and mobile frame mounting with height adjustment as based on your requirements. The Wall Panel can be mounted directly to the wall using standard hardware and installation can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes. Adjustable Wall mounting allows for easy counterbalance height adjustment with a travel of greater than 48” (122 cm). The adjustable feature of these mounts allows for use of the Vision Trainer™ by participants of varying heights, including children and those with special needs.


The FITLIGHT Trainer™ Panel Series is a customizable panel of FITLIGHT® sensors that can be configured in almost any shape or size. It is great for use in fitness and training facilities, clinics, and other locations where branded, fixed training programs can be utilized to boost reaction training and overall brand awareness. The panel is available in several sizes and can be customized per specifications. All panels come equipped with hardware for adjustable wall mounting and mobile frame mounting (optional). The panel can either be powered wirelessly or at all times via an optional power cable.

FITLIGHT® can design and produce a panel to nearly any specifications. Panels can vary in size, shape, number of lights, position of the lights, and colour.

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