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FITLIGHT® Accessories

Must-have Accessories for your Trainer™, Junior™ or Custom Setup

Waist Clip

Waist Clips can be used with a belt or Velcro strap (as shown). The FITLIGHT® is easily attached to the Waist Clip and typically used with a weight bag.

Velcro Pads (set of 16)

Velcro Pads come in a pack of 16 and can be adhered to various surfaces.

Velcro Lock

The Velcro Lock comes standard with each FITLIGHT® when purchased.

Wall Mount Unpowered

This is easily installed on walls and removed as needed. They can be screwed into the walls using the correct plugs for concrete, brick, wall board or wood.

Tablet Controller (7" & 10")

This is the heart of the system and where all FITLIGHT® operating functions and protocols are programmed.


The FITLIGHTS® are the backbone of the FITLIGHT® system. The patented infrared channel technology is what makes the sensor unique and allows the FITLIGHT® program to operate a wide variety of functions. 

Charger / Carrying Case (12 & 24 Lights)

The lightweight case secures the FITLIGHTS® and the Tablet Controller from external elements. With its resin shell,  the case is waterproof , remains shut tight with its PowerClaw latching system, and is pad lockable to keep the system safe and sound. We have 2 sizes: a 12 Light case and a 24 light case.

The dimensions and weight also allow for easy transportation.

12 Light case: 8” x 7” x 16”
24 light case: 24” x 9” x 20”

Flex Frames

The FITLIGHT® Flex Frames can transform your training sessions into dynamic experiences adding multi-dimensional touch points where the FITLIGHTS® can be placed.

Frame Clip

These are used primarily to assemble the Flex Frames. Fixed at 90 and 45 degrees, they are snapped onto the Frame Extender and fastened by a thumb screw.


This clip ensures a secure attachment of the FITLIGHT® to any 1” frame(s). A quick and easy way to attach and remove the FITLIGHTS® from the frame.

Suction Cup

Creates a vacuum and firmly grips the FITLIGHT® in place. Can be attached to a variety of surfaces.


Designed to attached the FITLIGHT® to most metallic surfaces.

Frame Extender (4 ft.)

The 4ft aluminum poles are ideal for both outdoor/indoor training with the use of the FITLIGHT® Clips. 

Frame Connectors

Connector is primarily used to connect 2 Frame Extenders together.

Extender Wall Tube Clip

The Extender Wall Tube Clips can be effortlessly screwed into a wall. Once completed, the Frame Extenders can be easily attached.


These Silicone bases are ideal to secure the FITLIGHTS® during an active drill or routine, floor exercises and Cognitive drills. Available in 8 colours, these are a great addition to the FITLIGHT® system.


The Tripod offers another dynamic way to enhance your training regime. Its lightweight design also allows the user more flexibility and mobility.

FITLIGHT™ Goal Target

These high impact targets are ideal for Hockey, Soccer and Lacrosse

About our Accessories
As the pioneers in reaction training, the team at FITLIGHT® has a deeprooted passion for creating innovative reaction lights products that are specially designed to improve the relationship between the brain and the body. The dynamic FITLIGHT® and FITLIGHT JR™. facilitate our mission to measure, move, and motivate those of all ages and physical abilities. In the continuance to revolutionize the performance connections between the brain and body through our interactive light reflex training tool, the FITLIGHT® team offers measurable and adaptable reaction training accessories that accompany the FITLIGHT Trainer™ and FITLIGHT JR™. Our innovative agility training accessories provide the extra push for those that aim to achieve pinnacle physical performance with FITLIGHT® reaction lights.
In addition to the FITLIGHT Trainer™ and the FITLIGHT JR™., we offer a wide variety of reaction training accessories that allow individuals to refine their workouts and reach performance excellence. These musthave accessories pair together with both systems to add a unique element to your workout.
The FITLIGHT® Lite-Bases secure the reaction lights during active drills or routines. Lightweight and available in several colors, this is one of the most popular FITLIGHT® reaction training accessories.
Suction cups allow for the FITLIGHTS® to be attached to walls and other versatile areas. These suction cups attach to a variety of surfaces and create many different opportunities for more dynamic training.
Another dynamic way to optimize reaction light training is with our Tripod accessory. With a max height of 58” and 360 swivel head, the tripod is a perfect solution for combining reaction light training in both low and high placements.
Our FITLIGHT® Wall focuses on the improvement of hand-eye coordination, strength, conditioning, reaction, and cognitive training. With seamless installation, the FITLIGHT® Wall provides high-level intense workouts that engage multiple muscle groups.
For more information on our reaction light training accessories, download our comprehensive catalog. Here, you will find all of our accessory options, what training methods they are ideal for, and their various benefits. Find the perfect reaction training accessory for all of your workout needs.
Enhance your performance and get the most out of your FITLIGHT Trainer™, Junior™ or custom solution with our must-have accessories.